hey remember how asha greyjoy was born and bred in a society that values physical strength and ability more than almost anything else and is very masculine and chose a profession/hobbies/etc that are almost always associated with men and was raised almost completely by her father for the majority of her life and only has brothers and uncles and is constantly surrounded by and associates with men.

and yet she is skeptical of her father and says flat out that her MOTHER, a  frail, mentally ill woman who was never shown to be a warrior and was simply a mother who loved her children was the person who taught her to be bold. 

fucking asha greyjoy. 

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The “Everybody is done with everybody” Wedding

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i’m a good cat mom

reblogged before but still 100% true

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beep beep angry queer coming through

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”I’m just not very good on TV, and it’s not my main goal in life to get good at it. People are like, ‘She just can’t handle’ - for lack of a better word - ‘the spotlight.’ No, actually, I can’t, and that is totally who I am. I love being an actor, but I’m the last person to want to have a birthday party. I don’t try to force it or turn it into something else or fabricate this personality…so I totally agree when people say I’m, like, the most awkward person.”
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THE MOUNTAINTOP → "I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy." — Sylvia Plath (The Bell Jar)

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i. ragged wood - fleet foxes | ii. mountains - message to bears | iii. your rocky spine - great lake swimmers | iv. upward over the mountain - iron & wine | v. deer creek canyon - sera cahoone | vi. from the woods!! - james vincent mcmorrow | vii. mountain and the sea - ingrid michaelson | viii. like a mountain - timber timbre | ix. rangers - a fine frenzy | x. blue ridge mountains - fleet foxes | xi. mountain sound - of monsters and men
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game of thrones season 3 cast commentary - emilia clarke, iwan rheon and iain glen

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He had not been dead when she left the throne room. He had been on his knees, though, clawing at his throat, tearing at his own skin as he fought to breathe. The sight of it had been too terrible to watch, and she had turned and fled, sobbing. Lady Tanda had been fleeing as well. “You have a good heart, my lady,” she said to Sansa. “Not every maid would weep so for a man who set her aside and wed her to a dwarf.”
A good heart. I have a good heart. Hysterical laughter rose up her gullet, but Sansa choked it back down. The bells were ringing, slow and mournful. Ringing, ringing, ringing. They had rung for King Robert the same way. Joffrey was dead, he was dead, he was dead, dead, dead. Why was she crying, when she wanted to dance? Were they tears of joy?

- Sansa, ASOS

Just~ As a Sansa fan I wanted to remind everyone that the book leaves Sansa’s reaction to Joffrey’s death ambiguous at best. Rather than a consistent feeling of joy or relief or satisfied vengeance, Sansa experiences a disconnect between what she thinks she feels and how she is actually physically and emotionally reacting to the death.

Her instinctive and initial reaction to the cruel and unsightly death that Joffrey suffers is to “turn and flee, sobbing” because “the sight of it had been too terrible to watch,” not to feel any form of positive emotion. It is only later, when she has time to reflect on the course of events that she begins to think about how she should feel and what Joffrey’s death actually means for her.

And even after concluding that, logically, she should feel joyous about Joffrey’s death, Sansa continues to weep - no longer for Joffrey, but for Robb and for Margaery. Because this is the kind of person that Sansa is - not someone who dwells on the satisfaction of seeing a hated enemy dead at her feet, but someone who instinctively recoils from the suffering and pain of others and, even when she can no longer find it in herself to feel compassion for the victim, is still much more concerned with the effect of Joffrey’s death on “poor Margaery, twice wed and twice widowed” than she is with the vengeful satisfaction that the death should afford to her.

I’ve just been seeing quite a few posts about how Sansa would be celebrating or extremely happy over Joffrey’s death in the Purple Wedding so I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about the actual text of her reaction in the series :D

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Robb Stark is dead.


Thrumugnyr’s ‘Thank You’ Raffle!

I just hit 666 followers today! What a great number! I’m really grateful that so many of you are being so loyal and supportive to my silly fanart antics, so I decided it’s time for a bigger celebration…like…a raffle!

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some comic stuff

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Joffrey is a little douchecanoe, but his death doesn’t bring Ned or Cat or Robb back. His death puts Sansa in the hands of a sexual predator. His death puts Tyrion in jail for a crime he did not commit. His death emotionally traumatizes Cersei.

"He has Jaime’s eyes. Only he had never seen Jaime look so scared. The boy’s only thirteen."

Vengeance isn’t the point of ASOIAF.